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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Considering how many players exploited the shortcut, I'm surprised that the race flag issue hasn't been. I'm not happy with the whole flag deal. I've missed a few by sliding pass the flag.

Another interesting event occurs during the race. Pets disappear at the drop then reappear after your character makes it across. I assume that they had to do that to compensate for bad coding. I mean what's the difference between coming off that drop and jumping off any other high point?
The pet issue is most likely just a pathing issue.
NPCs pets follow sort of an invisible rail that is computed anew with every movement that you make.
If you jump from one surface that is not connected to the next the pet can't follow.
There are limits for the AI to generate a new route, so there is a function implemented that respawns them near you if you get to far away from where they hit their navigation hazard.
At least that's how i understand it.
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