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Re: How could the Dominion War doesn't effect the economy of Federatio

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While the Federation is advanced to a certain degree, they obviously are not as advanced as you seem to be assuming they are.

Face it Deks, there are limits to their technology
Limits yes, but not of THAT kind of variety.
Or are you also forgetting how writers in Trek were notorious of creating ludicrous technology and resources in one episode (which was established as possible with the knowledge/technology at the Federation disposal) only to be forgotten in another for the purpose of 'drama'?

Synthesize mean combining a number of things into a single whole. Deuterium is a single atom to start with.

0.0156% of all hydrogen is deuterium. You have to go though over 6.4 thousand litres of naturally occurring hydrogen to separate out 1 litre of pure deuterium.
And how many litres of Deuterium is actually needed to run a ship?
Is 'pure' Deuterium also required, or is it also diluted to large levels?
The Federation would likely have other sources of matter from which Deuterium could be synthesized in abundance - and also, they WOULD be aiming for sustainability and maximum efficiency... which means, least amount of energy and resource expenditure.
Time might be a factor if they are in a hurry which would prompt finding naturally formed deuterium, but otherwise, I see no reason why time-consuming processes wouldn't be used for creating the synthetic variant - and we don't know if the Federation predominantly uses synthetic or natural deuterium.

The Galamites might possess a indusrtial process to produce duranium that the Federation completely lacks, or it's less expensive than the Federation's method. So the Galamites produce it, ship it across interstellar space, and sell it to the Federation.
Does not make sense.
Federation ships were in service for a LONG time, and even in the era of NX-01, Duranium was the choice of materials for ships hulls.
I find it utterly idiotic that the only source of this material or methods of production is available to the Galamites, because SF had been in existence for 200 years, and have been using the said material for as long.

Realistically, they would have to be pretty stupid to not be able to make a synthetic version of their own with identical if not FAR superior properties using the least amount of energy and materials in the process - after 200 years no less.

Given the relative size difference between the Voyager and the Delta Flyer, and the proven utility of the Flyer, have you considered the possibility that they simply stripped a few tonnes of duranium out of the Voyager's own hull?
I find it very unlikely the crew would use Voyager's own hull for that.
A Federation ship such as Voyager (or even a tiny Nova class) has the necessary tools/technology to be fully self-sufficient indefinitely and would likely be able to create the necessary materials they depend on given enough time.
Artificially imposed limitation from the writers is a well known 'drama factor'.
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