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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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What would be the point?
If Humans have access to all necessities of life and most (if not all) wants on-demand... what is the point of 'power grabbing'?
The reason that power grabbing happens today is because we live in a socio-economic system that actively promotes such a way of thinking in the first place and creates a setting where it is actually possible.

'Grandiose desires' of domination, etc. stem from a distorted value-system and society that promotes such behavior.
Some people are control freaks, so they have a tendency to want to impose their will on others.
Easiest way to do that is to get into some form of power and force change, whether it's for good / bad.
Other people had traumatic experiences happen to them, ergo they find a way to get into power or influence power to effect change based on what they believe / want for the sake of their cause.
Our entire world is full of this from every sort of lobbying group to private organizations around the world. Some for the general good like the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation).
Some for selfish reasons like corporate/industry lobbyist like RIAA / MPAA trying to create SOPA/PIPA for their personal gain at the cost of American civil liberties.
Then there will always be people who strive for power for personal gain, even if they don't think they're doing anything wrong or have good intentions.

A technologically developed society such as ours without money would realistically do away with governments and people in positions of power because of automation (even governments are delegating decision making to machines to a large degree already - or basically, you arrive at decisions by relying on the information that is accessible via technology) and exposure of the population to relevant general education.
Even in a UFP like society without money, there would still be a need for government.
Not everybody is going to think exactly alike.
Since we are individuals, we are bound to see issues from a unique and different viewpoint.
Because we have different viewpoints, we need a government to organize the thoughts of the people and make careful analysis of cause / effect while making laws to create a orderly society.
Not having a government is a very unwise decision, people will interpret things differently and have no consistant response towards actions that may be ok with one set of people and wrong with another.
This has the potential to lead to bloodshed or worse.

Exposure to more education is very good for the public, I don't disagree, however delegating to machines is a faulty premise.
Machines are a tool to help make informed decisions, not do the work for us.
Since we the people program the machines, it is fallible.
Ergo we must never relie on machines to do the important work that comes with making decisions.
Machines are only as capable as the one who programmed it.
It is far from a perfect system and should not be completely relied on to make our decisions.

There is simply no point to having a government if an entire population is exposed to relevant general education, because, the more you know, you are less prone to being manipulated/used, are capable of governing yourself, and can even think in a critical capacity along with being a problem solver (industrial education as we have it now does NOT expose you to generalized information in all fields that is actually IMPORTANT, nor does it prompt people to think critically or be problem solvers).
Politicians and bureaucrats are useless - they are NOT problem-solvers.
They don't create change - they mostly serve to perpetuate the status quo and keep things as they are.
They 'might' make some token changes in an existing system, but that is nothing more than 'patching' or 'treating the symptoms', whereas the underlying cause is never addressed, hence we end up with even bigger or that much more problems down the road.
I agree, relevant general education will make everybody smarter / wiser / informed / less likedly to be tricked / able to think critically / etc.
Current Politicians / Bureaucrats are useless because they exist only to sustain themselves and their self interest.
The current political systems in most governments have been manipulated into making rules that protect the politicians into letting them get away with lots of obviously corrupt actions.
Ergo campaign financing is ok in the form of donations from corporations / inviduals which are obviously bribes.
Fundamental rules about how a government position needs to behave, how they work for qualifying for any position, how campaigning should work, how lobbying should work, how terms should work, etc all need to be re-written so that there is no way they can do things for self gain.
They need to be rewritten so that they are only answerable to their constiuents.

But as with my comments on the previous question, there always needs to be a government IMO.
Just not the current form of government with it's current rules.
A new form of Constitutional Representative Democracy mixed in with Direct Democracy along with new forms of checks and balances need to be installed IMO.
Anything that is a direct port of an existing government is not ok IMO, every aspect of Government would need to be analyzed for weaknesses in forms of how you can corrupt the people / system and rules placed to limit such corruption.
The system must be constently checked / revised / updated to limit / prevent corruption for the benefit of the people / country.

Genes are responsible for physical traits.
I agree that Gene's are responsible for physical traits.

Behavior is environmental - starting from the early stages while we develop in the womb.
And while Humans might be born with certain 'tendencies', whether or not those tendencies manifest depends on the environment you grow up in, along with information/knowledge you are exposed to.
I generally agree on this.
Behavior IMO is mostly environmental, but certain personality tendencies are genetic, it's a small factor, but it's there.
Doesn't mean you can't change as a person or cancel out your genetic pre-disposition, I know I did for a fact.
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