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Re: How could the Dominion War doesn't effect the economy of Federatio

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... it would be rather idiotic that a culture as advanced as the Federation wouldn't be able to ...
While the Federation is advanced to a certain degree, they obviously are not as advanced as you seem to be assuming they are.

Face it Deks, there are limits to their technology.

Deuterium ... synthesize it artificially
Synthesize mean combining a number of things into a single whole. Deuterium is a single atom to start with.

Deuterium ... the stuff is basically 'everywhere'
0.0156% of all hydrogen is deuterium. You have to go though over 6.4 thousand litres of naturally occurring hydrogen to separate out 1 litre of pure deuterium.

Duranium ... made from readily available superior synthetic materials that can be made in abundance using the least amount of energy and resources
The Galamites might possess a indusrtial process to produce duranium that the Federation completely lacks, or it's less expensive than the Federation's method. So the Galamites produce it, ship it across interstellar space, and sell it to the Federation.

If Voyager was able to construct that ship at a spur of a thought and synthesize these materials
Given the relative size difference between the Voyager and the Delta Flyer, and the proven utility of the Flyer, have you concidered the possibility that they simply stripped a few tonnes of duranium out of the Voyager's own hull?

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