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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

You can unload the epohhs at the GPL vendor. Perhaps you knew that already, but I just found it this morning... :-P

I ran the race this morning and was in the lead with another person about 6 meters behind me. As we neared the finish, there was a player standing there already. When the 1st place flag appeared, he claimed it. I had to take 2nd and the person behind me took 3rd. How did he do that? The player didn't run the race or didn't run it the route we took. Me and the player that came after me were confused how that happened.

And I still see players shooting other players and me. How are they doing it. I've tried shooter mode with no effect.

Another question. When you make yourself as hidden, does it hide you from your fleet roster? I noticed that sometimes I don't see all characters in the roster although I can see them standing in front of me.

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