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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

The Newton killer didn't use an assault rifle, which are rarely used in mass murders {only 6% of the time}. They use fire in 12% of mass killings, and get a higher death toll per attack with fire than with guns. Only a very non-representative subset of mass murders make national news, leading to all sorts of wildly inaccurate impressions, bordering on media fads. Serial killing was virtually unreported and unknown under J Edgar Hoover because he had no interest in psycholoical profiling. As soon as he left, serial killers were everywhere. Sometime in the 80's the media decided that mass killings largely began in the mid-60's, which is wildly inaccurate. Kentucky had school shootings prior to th Civil War. The 1920's and 30's were a bloodbath of mass murder. Very little about the attacks have changed since at least 1900, other than the reporting, which is driven by ad revenue, and more recent school attacks carried out by students instead of adults, which may be an aspect of media obsessed kids and a violence obsessed media working in a feedback cycle.

The worst attack on a US elementary school was by a school administator who spent months packing the building with dynamite and pyrotol, then beat his wife to death with a hammer, set his barn on fire to distract the fire department, blew up one wing of the school {another wing had 500 pounds of explosives that failed to detonate}, and then while the building was burning drove up to the other administrators and responders and detonated his car bomb, killing twice as many kids as the Newton massacre and about the same number of adults. That was in 1927. There's still no way to stop such a well planned attack, but the following year we stopped letting people have pyrotol, so school kids are safe now...

ETA: info on pyrotol at google books. Eight cents a pound for war surplus smokeless powder packed like dynamite. Won't someone think of the children?

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