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Re: Is Zom-poc/post-apoc the genre for misanthropes?

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You have suggested that people are immoral for liking certain genre characters,
To the point of dressing like them and emulating them when they are villain characters of a particularly vile type, yes.

and now you're suggesting that people who enjoy zombie and post-apocalyptic films/TV/books/games are misanthropes who secretly long for the end of the world.
Go read some of the stuff that gets said on some of the hard-core prepper sites. They'll outright TELL you that they'd be perfectly happy for 99% of the world's population to die because in the preppers' opinion they don't deserve to live.

I think questioning your logic on this matter and your inability to make a distinction between fictional entertainment and reality is perfectly relevant to the topic at hand.
I am perfectly aware of the difference between fiction and real life, just as you are perfectly aware of the point I was actually making that you just didn't want to address: that it is morally repugnant to declare yourself a fan of an organization, real OR fictional, that commits or committed heinously barbaric acts and crimes against humanity (or sentient life in the case of SW).

And yes, stormtroopers DID do those things in the service of the Imperial military, which had well-known codes for committing planetary-scale genocide (Base Delta Zero), and which built Death Stars to make it even EASIER to commit planetary-scale genocide.

No sane, moral person would ever dress up as a Nazi and proclaim themselves "fans" of those evil people, nor would any sane, moral person ever dress up as an Imperial Stormtrooper and declare themselves "fans" of those evil people. Justifying it as "it's just fiction" is no excuse.

Now back on topic:

Furthermore, when you start off with such a provocative premise, you can't expect that all the responses are going to be full of puppies and rainbows.
No but I expect them to be on topic, which your comment wasn't.
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