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Seems like EVERYthing related to RT is stuck there...Harmony Gold's business people should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.
It wasn't the best deal possible--it gave too much control of future Robotech productions to Warner Bros. I think we'd probably would have had two sequels to The Shadow Chronicles by now otherwise.
It isn't that so much (though it is a factor) as it is the bridges HG burned with Tatsunoko (sp?) which cost them the rights to the mecha designs, etc as well as generating so much bad-will that virtually no one wants to work with them.
That's not entirely true, because they are still able to use the mecha designs from Genesis Climber Mospeada in The Shadow Chronicles, and they're from Tatsunoko.

It's mecha and character designs from Macross--owned by Big West--that Harmony Gold can't use. But that really wasn't a big deal for HG since The Shadow Chronicles was set more than thirty years later, pretty much all of the mecha was no longer being used, and the few remaining characters were expected to have aged since then.

As far as no one wanting to work with them because of so much bad will, I really haven't seen any evidence of that. Seems like all of HG's problems getting new Robotech material out there is a result of tying it with Warner Bros' live-action movie project.
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