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Re: Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

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Articles is no worse than a typical episode of The West Wing in that regard; all of its continuity is stuff you don't have to have read to read AotF, and most of it is stuff you might not even realize is a reference to other books if you haven't read them.
This is supposed to be a list of books for non-trekkies to read. AoTF just doesn't work here. While it's a very good book, it's not for non-trekkies who have not read the books around it.
It is, again, a book that works just fine without other books. Most of the references to other books are ones you wouldn't even know refer to other books if you haven't read them.

Full Circle is again another book that doesn't work. It need the books before it to work.
Don't agree. It works fine on its own.

When you pick books for the list, remember, this is for non-trekkies and you have to say to yourself, they may not have read any of the books. So don't pick books (like Wildfire) that need other books read first in order to work better.
1. I'll pick whatever books I want, thank you very much; please don't issue orders.
I'm with Sci on these two. I don't see why you'd need to read the books around AotF. I haven't read it for a while but if I remember correctly most of the stuff in it is being addressed by Pres. Bacco for the first time, so most of it is pretty thoroughly recapped for bother her and the audience. I didn't read some of the books around it, and I had no problem following it.

Same goes for FC, it was the first time we'd seen that stuff addressed from that perspective, so we got a fairly detailed explanation for what was going on. Didn't we even see some whole scenes from Destiny rewritten from Chakotay and co.'s perspective?
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