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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Tonight's RAW was excellent (IMO, anyway), with comebacks galore, a very impactful debut, and a bunch of really good matches. The Slammy presentations were also handled really well, with a great mix of predictable results and unexpected surprises.

My favorite moments:
* The Miz, Del Rio, and Tommy Dreamer vs. 3MB

* AJ kissing Dolph Ziggler

* The return of Ric Flair

* The return of Triple H

* Flair's confrontation with CM Punk and Paul Heyman

* Flair, Ryback, and Team Hell No taking out The Shield

* Brodus Clay getting back on the winning track vs. JTG

* AJ walking out during the main event, only to come back with Big E Langston

* Kaitlyn defeating Eve with a version of the GTS

2012 isn't quite over, but the WWE has already started paving the way for an explosive and interesting 2013.
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