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Re: How do you see a Kirk / Harrington encounter?

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Admiral Dame Honor Stephanie Harrington would wipe the deck with Kirk.
Nah. He has scriptwriters who established his ability to pull it off long before her author started on her. He was supposed to be the same sort of tactical whiz she is, but his scripts don't call for the detail of tactical movement and action her stories do. If she guests in his world, she'd lose the details and just have the same sort of rep. If he guests in her world, he gains the details.
Besides, the way her buddies have been slapping the Sollies, Kirk's dual has to beat her , or it's just more of the same and doesn't seem like anything just happened. But then, he's a decent Solly, and acts like Theisman - or just as he whips her, he has to retreat because her reinforcements arrive. So he can investigate, find out how rotten the League is, and emulate Theisman again.
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