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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

The Greeks used to call them "tyrants". But that was when it was a good thing. Take charge, fix the mess, do whatever is necessary, and usurp any and all authority you need to do it, then get banished once you've solved everything.

Yeah, I don't see the problem. I'd handle things a little differently. No face to face, a lot less tech transfer, no beaming spec-ops types anywhere. I would beam up a bunch of my friends to help run the ship and to help with my ancillary projects.

After hiding the ship on the far side of Luna, I'd establish a cache with at least 2 shuttles, 2 replicators, a transporter, one of the ship's computer cores, and a fusion reactor to power it. Life support, shields, etc. - all replicated, not cannibalized. Then change all passwords. After all, when Picard and company find their way out of the dimensional prison or whatever and want their ship back, I want to have wiped the ship's memory of having shared all that stuff with me and installed a "don't see me" program in the computer so a sensor sweep doesn't let the cat out of the bag.

Also, when communicating with anyone on Earth, I'd have the call routed to the holodeck, to the bridge of the real Enterprise - no bloody A, B, C, or D! I'd have the holodeck mask me in a projection of Kirk, so I would not be recognized. I would however, require the president to personally call all surviving cast or family of cast from the original series to pass on a hello from the "real" Kirk!

I'd also engage in some geoengineering. Carve a canal from Death Valley to the Pacific and to Baja, creating an inland sea. Carve another from the Sahara to the Atlantic. Look at the possibility of relieving the pressure under Yellowstone. Widen the Suez and Panama canals. Make the Northwest Passage.
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