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Re: Is Zom-poc/post-apoc the genre for misanthropes?

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
TEOTWAWKI books, films, etc have never been more popular, and I think I know why. I see a LOT of crossover between Poc fans and "preppers". I've visited a few prepper sites, and listened to preppers talk. I know a few preppers, even.

One of the themes that comes up over and over and over in a lot of prepper circles is a certain barely hidden sense of anticipation over the idea that our civilization could collaspe either from within or without, resulting in the deaths of the overwhelming majority of the population...except for those virtuous souls of course who are "prepared". Everyone else? The world is better off w/o them.

Are any of your "preppers"? Are you also Poc fans? Do you know any? Would they, if they were honest, agree with what I said?
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