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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Am reading "My Brother's Keeper" finished Book 1: Republic and currently reading Book 2: Constitution and soon to read Book 3 which I cannot recall the name of again. All by Michael Jan Friedman (1999 at least the first two are that year).

Interesting quote from second book: "As you know, Vulcans do not weep." (p. 23). It was nice to see it shared in a temporally appropriate manner.

As for non-fiction reading: I am attempting to go through "Policraticus" by John of Salisbury:
Books 1 - 3 with selections from 7 & 8 with English translation title: "The Frivolities of Courtiers and the Footprints of Philosophers" (transl. by Joseph B. Pike).
Books 4 - 6 with selections from 7 & 8 with English translation title: "The Statesman's Book" (transl. by John Dickinson).
I note that John of Salisbury was one of the better writers of letters. I wonder if J.R.R. Tolkien studied John of Salisbury and whether Hobbits' habits of writing letters and indeed his fantasy characters might have been enriched by characters from medieval times. Would John of Salisbury have survived well in the e-mail age?
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