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? Love, Live, Alive is just a music video more or less.
Actually, the upcoming new version is quite a bit more. While the main story of LLA centers around a concert celebrating the end of the Third Robotech War, it also features new animation to show some never-before-seen stuff set between and after the three individual wars.
Cool...I'd never heard any plot details.

And as much as I do still love old Robotech, Shadow Chronicles was pretty awful. I'd rather see them do nothing than half-hearted attempts to revive the series.
I loved Shadow Chronicles and thought it continued the Robotech story nicely in a new direction with both new and old characters. I just wish the sequel, Shadow Rising, hadn't been tied to the Warner Bros. attempt to make a live-action Robotech movie (currently stuck in development hell).
Seems like EVERYthing related to RT is stuck there...Harmony Gold's business people should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.
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