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I remember in the UK, the first three episodes of Robotech were released on VHS on a single sampler tape. I thought that was it, that it must have been cancelled before they could make more. It was years until it made its way onto the telly over here and I stumbled onto the rest of the series.

I know some people get their knickers/panties in a twist over the whole Macross vs Robotech thing, but tbh, I couldn't care less. I love Robotech as it was what introduced me to anime, and then I love Macross, because it wasn't as sanitized. I never really cared for the Southern Cross section of Robotech, nor the Mospeada section.

Re the purists and dubbing - I can empathize to a certain degree, many dubs in the early days were just plain awful. I wouldn't say that's true of Robotech though.

Re the extended Macross universe - I think I'd agree with the consensus - DYRL is a brilliant alternative telling of the latter portion of the Macross story. The only other essential view is Macross Plus. I can take or leave Zero and Frontier, but Macross II and Macross 7 weren't really my cup of tea. Shadow Chronicles - meh, it was alright.
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