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Re: Elite IV: Elite Dangerous due March 2014 !

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Yeah, those old games needed a bit technical wizardry, sometimes. Games with memory requirements of 580k of conventional memory or under were easy to get running. Play games that required more and you usually ran into difficulties because you also had to load mouse driver, sound card driver and later, cd-rom driver into memory. And of course you only had 640k to play with. (Thanks, Bill "640k will be enough" Gates)
I remember being really proud of my final DOS config that was getting I think 615K or so by then end.
I used to play Heart of China, which required at least 581Kb of conventional memory. For the longest time I loaded, reloaded, reordered, reconfigured, and threatened to throw my computer out the window, but I finally got the results I wanted. Man, this takes me way back. Sierra games, Star Trek: TNG still going on strong on the air, playing "Away Team" in our backyard with my friends... magical memories.
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