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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Take the Joker. He wants to bring out the barbarian in everyone, to reduce society to heartless chaos. A one-dimensional goal, but an honest one for a madman. The League, on the other hand, wants to annihilate Gotham because they're "corrupt", i.e., unjust.
What's the difference? The Joker is LOS in all but name. Wanting to watch the world ( but specifically Gotham ) burn isn't fundamentally different from wanting to destroy Gotham. Bane's methods, pitting one group of Gothamites against another, are not so different from when the Joker does the same thing. Only the outcome is somewhat different.

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Not from the villains, there ain't
There is from Selina, who starts as a kind of "villain" only to become a hero later on.

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and guilt is far more interesting and rarer in villains than in heroes, where it's pretty much ubiquitous
Guilt is appropriate if you're talking about the kind of character who starts good and turns to the dark side. It's appropriate for conflicted characters. For Palpatine types, not so much. You may like the idea of conflicted, guilt-ridden villains, but not every villain has to be conflicted and guilt-ridden. And if all villains were that way, it wouldn't be "interesting" anymore.

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But Ducard, Joker, Crane, and Bane/Talia display no guilt or humanity whatsoever.
It's already come up that you forgot all about "Ducard"'s backstory as described in BB. And from a general perspective transcending the Nolanverse, I don't know what your "guilty Joker" character would even be. It certainly wouldn't be the Joker.

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Magneto showed more compassion in X2, and he tried to kill almost everyone on Earth.
Now read that sentence again and tell me what part of it makes sense. Magneto shows no guilt, and doesn't display genuine compassion, other than in his familiarity with Mystique - he only appears compassionate toward another mutant who he hopes to recruit into his ranks.
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