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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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This is so common on the internet: the attitude that atheists are being intolerant if they voice their unbelief.
How is what I said a indictment of atheists in any way?

It was aimed at a intolerant Picard who isn't a atheist, Picard is spiritual . He made this very clear in Where Silence Has Lease.

Towards the end of the episode, Picard is explaining his philosophy on death to a fictitious Data. He mentions both a death resulting in an eternity in heaven and a death resulting in nonexistence. Picard reject both of these, explaining his belief was that there would be "more" than either of those possibilities. And further, Picard said that he believed our reality is is only a part of a larger non-understandable reality.

Hardly a atheist mindset on Picard's part. Picard doesn't seem to embrace that intelligent existence is merely a bio-chemical process, one that comes to a stop with death.

Picard personally expects to continue after his own corporeal death.

So, while not an adherent to an organized religion like Christianity or Islam, Picard also is not a atheist. He is spiritual .

It's no disrespect to believers to outline the negative influence of (monotheistic) religions.
What could possible lead you to think that the Mintakan's former spiritual beliefs were monotheist? The Mintakan named Liko said "long ago, our people believed in beings with great powers." Beings in the plural. The Mintakans were polytheists.

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