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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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dubiously motivated
Somewhere there's a post complaining about the believability of her very clear motivation. Imagine if it were the same post. Hah! That would never happen.
I thought I was clear in meaning that the the League's motivations were dubious because they made little to no sense even by their own standards, not that they weren't clear.

Take the Joker. He wants to bring out the barbarian in everyone, to reduce society to heartless chaos. A one-dimensional goal, but an honest one for a madman. The League, on the other hand, wants to annihilate Gotham because they're "corrupt", i.e., unjust. Their belief system rests on a moral code, but why they consider mass murder to uphold morality to be virtuous is never explained - hence the dubiousness.

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Montero also shows signs of guilt over his actions on several occasions. He's a richer character than anyone in TDKR.
Nope, no characters showing guilt to see here. Move along...
Not from the villains, there ain't - and guilt is far more interesting and rarer in villains than in heroes, where it's pretty much ubiquitous (hell, even Luke Skywalker felt bad about his aunt and uncle getting murdered). But Ducard, Joker, Crane, and Bane/Talia display no guilt or humanity whatsoever. Magneto showed more compassion in X2, and he tried to kill almost everyone on Earth.
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