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Re: It's not just a new control room...

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I just hope it's a better version of the theme, more akin to the RTD era version (especially season 4) - the Moff/Smith era theme is fucking awful, down there with the McCoy era theme - hell, down there with the twangy alternate 3rd Doctor theme from Australia...
While I agree the current version of the theme isn't really that good, the version used in the McCoy is one of my favourites.
Agreed. I've never understood the hate for the McCoy theme. Maybe it's because I grew up on it (along with the Pertwee/Baker theme) but I've always found it rather awe-inspiring. I listened to it once on a moonless night while out in the Pacific Ocean this past summer. The stars were out in full force and the theme brought forth the sheer awe and majesty of the universe.

But maybe it's just me. *shrug*
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