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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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It's a political agenda to try and keep the tragedy from happening again.

ETA: I'd love to see you bitch about how Huckabee or Victoria Jackson are using this as an excuse to talk about how there's no prayer in schools. But no, you're only complaining because people are trying to take away your toys.
I'm against prayer in school. I'm also against the pledge of allegiance in school as well. Those aren't the points of discussion in this thread though. No one here is seriously advocating the government force the introduction of prayer in school. No one is advocating we turn every public school into an "Evangelical school". If they were, I'd be arguing with them in here as well.

People are seriously advocating, promoting, and pushing for the removal of rights from law abiding citizens, and adding more gun laws.
Yes. Because honestly we could give less of a fuck of your right to pretend to play Army than the rights of people to live.

Personally I think it's a stupid right. An archaic right. A right that has no place in a modern society. A right that already has a metric shit-ton of encumbrances on it. It's a right that belongs to be casually ignored like it's equally irrelevant cousin, the 3rd Amendment.

It's time for us a country to put our loud toys away instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying "well, it's the cost of freedom.

Fuck your freedom to shoot stuff. That's all you want, and I don't give a shit about it.


Want to own a gun? Join the National Guard.

Your really allowed to say that in Misc?
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