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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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141. Holy Motors (?)

Quite curious what you think about this when you have a chance to digest it. Most of the reviews have been positive, but many of these simultaneously describe the movie as a "mess."

194. The Eiger Sanction (B-)
195. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (B)

The Eiger Sanction: What an odd movie. In the first half, Clint Eastwood is frankly uncomfortable in front of the camera, still learning how to direct himself. We're told he's an excellent assassin -- the only one, in fact, who can kill a couple of other assassins. On screen, however, there's nothing to suggest he's particularly skilled at "sanctioning" (murdering) people. Also, he's supposed to be an art history Ph.D., which is...only slightly more believable than Charles Bronson as an architect.

In the second half of the film, Eastwood's character is tasked with climbing the Eiger North Face to execute another "sanction." This part of the film is quite thrilling, in large part because Eastwood and most of the other actors don't use climbing doubles at all.

(I've left out the homosexual villain who has a dog he calls "faggot." It's a bewildering, and mildly offensive, choice.)

Indiana Jones 4: The internet was born to hate this movie, and that's too bad, since it's pretty enjoyable (certainly more so than Temple of Doom). It's not perfect -- John Williams' score is unmemorable, some of the humor goes on too far, the script is a bit talky and expository when it doesn't need to be, certain scenes are awfully CGI-heavy -- but I enjoyed it far, far more than I had been expecting to. Ford is terrific, and hardly looks 55, let alone 65. If they can get another one of these going within 5 years, I think he'll be fit enough to do it. If they don't, I think this is a fine end to the series.

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