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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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Do you really try to sell the idea here, that the Bible "invented" the moral code we follow today?
Cause that's how I understand what you are saying.
How did people learn to read in previous centuries? Often from the bible. Their moral lessons were rooted in it. It formed the basis of many of our laws - including blue laws, sodomy laws, and other unfree nonsense.

That what we understand of our moral system today is rooted in Middle European culture which was a religious one for centuries is true.
But in no way are we feeling bound to the BRONZE AGE morals that are written down in the bible.
What does that have to do with anything? You acknowledge the source material while simultaneously try to handwave it away. Stop fooling yourself.

In fact many of those morals are considered immoral today.
Examples are: stoning unruly children to death, putting homosexuals to death, slavery is ok and encouraged, women being the property of men (literally),...
We consider these things immoral today DESPITE the church having so much power over our society.
We dragged the church with us into modern times kicking and screaming, forcing them to adapt.
Church leaders would never have jettisoned laws from scripture on their own as they have to consider everything in it as the word of god.
As society moved on and learned better ways those laws became subject to interpretation.
And despite that, it's still relevant for many millions of people.

On the core subject of the thread, I really don't see this concept working, just doesn't jive with the secular nature of the concept of Star Trek.
If you're thinking TNG, yes. But TOS wasn't so harshly anti-religious, and DS9 certainly wasn't.
It would be interesting to do an episode or a small arc around this concept as a source of dramatic conflict, sure.
Possibly. I'd prefer such a character to get small bits all season - like Shepherd Book or Brother Leo (Firefly & B5), but let viewers figure out later that each of those appearances actually adds up to something.

It would reflect a social controversy of the real world, in fact the very same discussion we have going here and in that sense be a very Star Trek theme to explore.
Kirk and the Sisko would find something useful in it. Early Picard would pontificate against it; later Picard would quietly harumph and find some positive other thing to focus on, and Janeway would have to consult her calendar to find out if she should PMS about it or show motherly affection.

But no way this would carry an entire series and still keep it consistent with what is established about the Trek universe.
It's not supposed to be about the chaplain or set in a chapel. Troi or Data could not have served as the basis of the entire series, either. Well, Data maybe, but only if they renamed the show Questor: TNG...

Seriously, got any ideas how to use such a character to tell good stories?
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