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Re: Superboy Season 2

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I Like that! My earliest memory of the whole series is the preview at the end first episode of season 2.
Unfortunately that's not one of the episodes with it's trailer. The first three episodes don't have their trailers, and then there are like 5 or 6 in a row where the trailer is intact, and then there's one episode that doesn't have the trailer and then another 4 or 5 with their trailers. So, its not every episode. And the trailer for "Brimstone" (which is on "Run, Dracula, Run") looks like it might've come from a VHS tape, or a very poor transfer, since the first part clearly looks VHS quality, but then the rest gets better, but has ghosts of everyone and everything, almost like I was watching a recording that was taken from analog over-the-air broadcast, but the reception was being interfered with by a storm so everyone has ghosts. The actual "Brimstone" episode's quality is very good---it's not from VHS nor does it have the ghosting issue.
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