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Re: Rush to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Santa Kang wrote: View Post
My parents are older than that. My mother went to High School with the Everly Brothers. My Dad was slightly older and missed out on the "birth of Rock and Roll. He was listening to guys like Hank Williams, Sons of the Pioneers and other Grand Old Opry stars as a teen. I was the one who listened to the Beatles and the Stones. ( though I was a preteen in the 60s)

Mostly I was making a joke about how we view our parent's music.
I kind of thought you might have been joking but your smiley threw me off. Your mom went to school with rock royalty. I used to love the Everly Brothers.

Apologies for misunderstanding the joke.
mredom wrote: View Post
"Rush makes rock music, too, that's stripped of nearly all of its blues influence, and rock without blues is like fat without the steak."

And again, we hear from a critic with no understanding of musical structure, or musical concepts.
I didn't follow the link to the article but I agree with your take on the author's quote above. I haven't heard nearly as much of Rush as others here have, but most of the stuff I've heard I liked because of, what sounds to me like, a significant jazz influence -- especially from the bassist. The article writer above may have a preference for heavily blues based rock, but just because the blues influence is light, that certainly does not preclude it from being kick-ass.
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