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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

Santa's Balls wrote: View Post
So apparently the favorites are:
  • Brandon Hantz, “Survivor: South Pacific”
  • John Cochran, “Survivor: South Pacific”
  • Phillip Sheppard, “Survivor: Redemption Island”
Clearly they're using a different definition of "favorites" from what most of the world uses. Brandon was a terrible player and a creep, Cochran was full of himself and how knowledgeable and skilled at the game he was and was completely overrated as a player, and "Special" Agent Phillip was just insane and hostile. Might as well bring Abi-Maria back while we're at it since she can be a "favorite" too by this metric.

The rest of the "favorites" I don't even recognize by name (though my memory might be jarred when I see them), except Malcolm. Good to see he's getting another shot.
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