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Re: What does the new ___ look like? (SPOILERS)

Christopher wrote: View Post
It's a nice design, but it's very far from what was described in the book:

Despite the radical design, it shared many characteristics with other Starfleet facilities: the gray-white surface of its hull, the curves and proportions of its components, the familiar lettering along one arc that read UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS. The overall, esentially spherical shape of the station, though, reminded Ro of it's predecessor. The new facility would ultimately comprise three rings, oriented at right angles to one another. They would all surround an inner sphere, connecting to it via a half-dozen crossover bridges. The rings would provide docking and cargo services, while the sphere would house work, commercial and residential sections.
So first off, it should have a Starfleet design aesthetic, not the "alien" sort of look seen there. And there are six crossover bridges, presumably connecting to the points where the three mutually perpendicular rings cross -- essentially, one pair each along the X, Y, and Z axes. So basically like a big gyroscope-shaped Starfleet base. The only design in that fan art thread that matches the description at all is the one by Patrickivan.
Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the description creates a station that would look an awful lot like the Xindi planet killer weapon?
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