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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

Xhiandra wrote: View Post
Picard isn't intolerant, you are.
I can't agree.

This is so common on the internet: the attitude that atheists are being intolerant if they voice their unbelief.
Atheists are ok if they accept religion is good, religious people are superior and atheism a failing. A lack. A deficiency.
Otherwise, they're branded intolerant.
No, it's not. That's your overly sensitive interpretation.

I'm not buying. It's no disrespect to believers to outline the negative influence of (monotheistic) religions.
Oh, hey, no disrespect, but you know that you're a superstitious fool believing something that kept people yoked in slavery for centuries, led to the crusades and the inquistion and Salem. But hey, it's ok for you to follow that crap. That's the vibe I get from you.

You might not like the dark ages of ignorance and fear, but it's a pretty accurate portrayal of the most shameful era we (Europeans) have been through.
It's also the past, and we've learned to be better than we were then. The church then preserved knowledge, but also oppressed peasants and manipulated princes. Nowadays, we don't allow those excesses.

Personally, it sends a chill down my spine to know that if I'd lived back then I'd have been tortured and slaughtered for my (lack of) beliefs and sexual orientation. Probably branded a witch, too.
Is that why you're so opposed to the idea? Unless you have past-life regression going on, it's too long ago for such a visceral reaction.

Darkwing wrote:
I've never heard Hammurabi's code being referred as such.
I'm sure you know better.

That's the problem really: people in the US (and, sadly, much of Europe as well) get their ancient history from the bible.
Which leads to many misconceptions like thinking basic morality comes from the bible/talmud/coran.
It long predates those books.
Um, no. I get my history from (little "b") books. It's not a misconception that the "basic morality" of western civilisation was spread through christianity, supplanting the various moral codes extant in the areas they converted. The ancient Celts had 12 different forms of marriage, and very different ideas about the place of women. But Saul of Tarsus' teachings replaced those. There's no one single moral code. But the one that's at the base of our culture is largely the product of a single book.

And none of the above contributed to the premise of the thread. Got any ideas on how to use a chaplain as a major character in a series? You don't have to like it or agree with it to play the game of saying "IF we did this, this is how it should be done, what story possibilities we use, etc".
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