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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

MacLeod wrote: View Post
And no one is arguing that nations have their own problems.

But out of those violent crimes how many ended in murder?

The stats for homicide are something like US 4.2 /100 000, UK 1.2 / 100 000, Or almost 4 times higher.

So even with a higher violent crime rate, fewer people are murdered.
Thank you.

I'm glad someone is providing deeper context to the "there are fewer violent so-and-so's per this-many-people in America so I'm not really seeing the bigger problem here" routine.

Math can be maniupulated to make many things sound less horrible and encourage us to get distracted once again and not take better and more proactive measures.

"Only 60-70 million out of almost 3 billion people on the planet died during the course of the Second World War, so as you can clearly see the percentage of fatalities is actually quite low. In addition, those 60-70 million fatalities were not incurred all at once but over a period of almost a decade so the per-year death tolls were lower out of a total world population approaching 3 billion. A person's chances of perishing in the conflict were not as great as some would like you to believe, and in fact there were some nations that never even participated in the war."

Now how does that sound? Does it still make you feel any better about it?
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