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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Berman's films were definitely problematic. It was clear he just didn't care any more and was just crapping out product. To me First Contact was the best/most memorable because despite being deeply flawed, it was still entertaining to me. None of the other ones got close to being entertaining.
Not sure that I'd say Rick Berman didn't care. He was a TV producer trying to produce a feature film franchise and he continued to think in TV terms. Three of the films were written/directed by people associated with the TV franchise.

Outside of the memory of my daughter jumping three feet in the air when the Borg mechanism popped-out of Picard's face, First Contact just doesn't do anything for me. It feels the most like a TV episode to me, depending the most on TV elements (Borg, Zephram Cochrane, time travel) for its story. And it only ranks above Insurrection in my Trek movie rankings.

As in all things, your mileage may vary.
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