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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

The Shield vs. Ryback/Kane/Bryan was a very good match, filled with brutality, and with a satisfying finish (the new stars picked up the win, decisively).

The crowd was incredible for the main event. They really got behind Ziggler and booed the hell out of Cena. It almost felt like a Chicago PPV (where Cena is almost universally loathed, and his opponents, regardless of alignment and popularity, are cheered) and I have to say I actually thought Cena put in a lot of effort, where wrestling is concerned. Still, that hurricanrana was a terrible idea, Cena's mass isn't compatible with the move, (as evidenced by Cena botching the floor tuck) he should concentrate on power moves, albeit with variation and innovation.

The ending was pretty cool, albeit cliched. AJ turned heel by shoving Cena off the ladder, allowing Ziggler to KO Cena with a superkick, and giving him enough time to scale the ladder and retrieve his briefcase.
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