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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Some seasonal travel has hindered my viewing the last few weeks. Got two more episodes in over the weekend though.

3x5-Learning Curve: Pretty good bottle show. Not sure what, if any, message might be layered into this episode. A civilization that essentially as adults(we only see the one) are inept but the children are the advanced thinkers. The use of nanite technology that passes the learned knowledge down from child to child was it seemed a way of foregoing books or hands on apprenticeship type learning. The lead tween actress had that odd look of "have I seen you in something", her IMDB reveals she was on Smallville as Courtney/Stargirl no less which explains why, she grew up. Overall a pretty good episode.

3x6-Point of View: Ok, now this is good stuff. That Quantum Mirror is back. Thought that was relegated to a one-off show but used here for a fun episode. This episode felt like City on the Edge of Forever(the mirror reminds me of The Guardian), Mirror/Mirror and Parallels all wrapped into one. Our goatee wearing bad guys was a great nod to TOS. I kinda wanted Kawalsky to be able to stay. That character connection back to the movie is something I like. This isn't the first time the Jack/Sam romance has been indicated as happening "elsewhen". I'm now wondering if this will happen in our timeline or just be teased like a Mulder/Scully.
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