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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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ETA: Fascinating how you totally ignored the parts of my post calling for increased regulation of hunters & a ban on assault weapons.
Do you mean the ETA part that you added after I quoted your post?

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A better comparrison is homicides using a gun per capita.

And whilst it is true that the US doesn't have the highest homicide (using a gun) rate per capitia in the world, it has the highest rate per capitia amongest the develeoped world.

So if we use one of the stats posted above about gun deaths. UK 8, US 10 728 now as the UK population is roughly a fifth of the US comparring them directly is meaningless you have to muliple or divide one by 5 to get a more accurate comparrison accounting for population. So that would be around 40 vs 10 728 when population is factored in.

The UK has very tight guns laws, the US doesn't. Conclusion tight gun laws lead to few homicides by guns.
Before the UK had tight gun laws, or really any gun laws, their gun homocide rate was lower, hitting zero one year. Their rate of violent assault is about four times higher than the US. Most of Europe, such as Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and France, also have higher violent assault rates than the US.
That screams for a source.
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