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Re: Fringe 5x09 - "Black Blotter" (Commentary, Discussion & Spoilers!

I voted Very Good. I'm glad they addressed the death of the lab assistant before series end. Since she exists only in Walter's head, and if the phantom's assertion that she went to the lab that night to burn the journal was true, I wonder if that means Walter actually killed her.

Which brings me to evil Walter. I'm glad they're finally showing us a little of evil Walter. When Walter was reconnected to his missing brain tissue (the first time), John Noble's transformation of the character was down right creepy. However, most flashbacks made Walter (of Christmases Past) much more sympathetic than (obviously evil) Walternate largely because of Peter's illness/ death/ etc. But pre-brain surgery Walter is responsible for a lot what the team fought for several years, and I think that aspect got lost a little bit in last season's finale when Bell became the big bad. I think Walter really is the big bad of the series, and I hope the character has the strength to turn away from maniacal super villainy the way his son just did. However, his so has Olivia, and Walter has... Maybe his son.

As for the trippiness of the episode, I'm always glad when Fringe goes this route. I wish the budget was bigger so they could have done something even more outlandish, but I'll certainly settle for the Python sequence.

And with only less than a hand full of episodes left, WTF is Donald? September? The Real Sam Weis? A William Bell doll who talks in Sheldon's dreams? Walter's cow in disguise?
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