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Re: Superboy Season 2

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I am glad to hear the picture quality is so good. Earlier in the year there was a rumor that the films elements for the show no longer existed. But later WB refuted this.
On a couple of later episodes I have noticed a few drop-outs, so even with the film masters still in the Warner Archive's it looks like the masters Warner used are from transfers done either while the show was on the air, or shortly after the series went off the air. But with the original film masters, hopefully someday we'll see a BD-R release in 1080p.

But this series is definitely better than Smallville.

Oh, yeah, one thing that is nice as a bonus is that most of the episodes still have the preview trailers intact, and it's not like the Trek releases where the trailers are a separate option, they are attached to the original episode they aired with.

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