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Re: Did the Auto-destruct partially malfunction in TSFS?

It's just that it very much looks like all the really important parts of the ship, mainly the warp engines and the location where the warp core and the torpedo launchers reside, were left completely intact by the explosions we could see, for an extended period of time at least - which does make one think that something went wrong with the scuttling charges. Perhaps they did not completely fail to detonate, but some of them were apparently badly delayed, possibly badly enough to allow a swiftly acting enemy to stop further detonations. There are many stories of warship scuttlings here on Earth being stopped by a brave and determined boarding party...

If a malfunction is ruled out, then it looks like the scuttling charges were optimized to go gently on the warp drive, for whatever reason.

Or perhaps the charges malfunctioned the other way? Perhaps Kirk only wanted to blow up the areas with Klingon boarders, so that he could later return to the wreck and fly it back to Earth, but something went wrong, the entire saucer blew and the fell from orbit. Kirk's "What have I done?" takes a new meaning here...

Timo Saloniemi
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