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Re: Rewatching "The High Ground" perfectly fine the next day.
And again tries to murder somebody. And will keep doing so for every second of every day till she dies (or, if the programming was clever enough, till the last from her list of victims dies, childless). Each day spent in a padded cell without the chance to do what she was bred to do is agony to her.

There is no "perfectly fine" for Yuta, who really does not deserve to be treated as a person, not by Star Trek norms.

They do have PRISONS that are kinda hard to get out of, you know!
And many other types of torture methods, too. Currently, torture is greatly favored in the western world as a means of dealing with crime, mainly a) for the supposed deterrent value and b) because it's not that much more expensive than executions yet. But Yuta is not a criminal who could be deterred. She's a fucked-up death machine who has already outlived her welcome by far, and has absolutely nothing to look forward to in terms of "life". She just happens to look like a sexy chick, so gunning her down doesn't feel as comfortable as putting a hole in a tank with a bazooka.

Timo Saloniemi
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