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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

This is one of those rare Survivors where I would have been fine with any of the finalists winning, but I'm still glad that Denise won. She had her back against the wall from day one but managed to hang in there the whole time, was a physical and strategic powerhouse, and unlike Jeff Kent, the money will make a major difference in her life.

If it couldn't have been Denise, my next preference would have been Malcolm, but it was not meant to be. As close as it was, I was surprised that Malcolm lost the $100,000 Sprint prize to Lisa, as I thought he was a better strategic player (not that she was a slouch once she woke up and realized it's a game and that sometimes you have to be ruthless).

Abi-Maria actually seemed to be a little bit humbled at the live finale, so maybe she'll grow up a bit after all.

Looking forward to Fans vs. Favorites, even though the Favorites have quite an advantage. Hopefully it won't be too lopsided. They didn't say anything, but maybe Malcolm will get a chance to come back.
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