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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

I just saw the cover of Star Trek Ongoing #19. My first thought: OMG OFFICIAL NEW ENTERPRISE DIAGRAM!

My second thought: No wait, they just pasted the nuEnterprise over the Enterprise-B master systems display from Star Trek Generations. None of the labels match up with what they're supposed to be.

Here's the synopsis:
As excitement builds for the upcoming film sequel, the ongoing Star Trek comics series shows fans the events that shaped the lives of the beloved Enterprise crew! In this issue we discover what led young Montgomery Scott to devote himself to engineering, as we witness his first steps on the journey that would take him across the galaxy! Overseen by Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this all-new tale sheds light on a classic character!

I wonder how it will jibe with Simon Pegg's Scotty bio from a few years back.
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