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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

You mean because she's preggers?

Dexter needed the code because he had nothing inside himself with nothing to protect, but that's all been upended, he's capable of love, and he has people, he has a life worth protecting... It's like when they invented the Zeroeth law in the Asimov Novels. "A Robot cannot harm humaity as a whole, or through inaction allow humanity as a whole to come to harm" which immediately superceeded the first law of robotics some paltry advice about protecting individual humans...

Dexter might still need the code, but he is also beyond the code becuase he has feelings and conections to the real world.

Remember with Dokes?

Dexter bent over for destiny.

He had a shower, flossed is teeth, had a red orange and our little psycho was just going to take what fate wanted to unload.

I'm amazed that Debra didn't poison herself.
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