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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

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You have a custom wallpaper in Windows 8? You must be using a 3rd party utility. Nice image, though!
Wait, you can't natively change the wallpaper in Windows 8? Holy shit.
Not according to the Windows 8 RC1 I used when I was still testing it out. You could modify the login screen, but there was no customizable wallpapers in "Metro". You could change colors and patterns, but no custom images. It's one of a myriad number of reasons I'm not switching to Windows 8. If I have to download third party software to use a feature that has been present in every Windows version since 3.0, then they're doing it wrong.

(Lovely desktop, BTW. So cute!)
Thanks! Fluttershy's adorableness keeps making me check my blood sugar.

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