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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)


I have mild carpal tunnel from working on computers most of my life; however, it's compounded by arthritis. I use the ASD keys and arrow keys at the same time. Try to shift back and forth between the hands. It helps me. You could also try a gaming keyboard. Some tilt the keys so there's less stress on your wrist. I have a Fang pad which I use if I'm planning on doing heavy duty combat. It's a loose pad that connects by USB so you can place it or tilt it to suit your needs. You can map controls to the keys so everything is in easier reach.

Some players that I've talked with like the Nostromo Gaming Keypad.

Hope this helps.

---- Winter Wonderland

I thought I'd take on the snowman army in the NE corner. First I tried with snowballs and they pounded me so badly that I almost never got a shot in. Later I tried it with the Flurry and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. There was only 2 of us fighting the snowmen, one on the lake and me by the army. I ran back to the lake and had to work really hard. I had the Flurry but the other guy was just using snowballs. We almost ran out of time in both cases. Ran down to 30 secs killing the snowmen and down to 20 secs killing the Snowman Overlord.

Ironically, the rewards were chintzy considering that I killed approximately 125 snowmen and did most of the damage to the SO. I'm guessing that rewards scale by how many players participate.

In a couple of other snowman fights, the SO hit me with some serious punches. A couple of times he hit me and knocked me out into the snow crests. Once he hit me near the snowman in the lake and I flew backwards to the other side of the lake and landed up on the the snow crest. 71 meters distance by the target info.

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