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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

^ Exactly, CC, and while I don't think the forum caused the game to reach for the Freemium model, I can see how the Devs would tune everyone out. Similar issues happen over at STO, but again, not as severe, from what I've seen.

Nothing against you, personally, Base Delta Zero, but that's the exact stuff I see on the forum, except the vitriol is focused on EA and F2Pers, and we can't even respond to defend ourselves. Even as a Preferred Player, someone who has put money into the game, I have no voice to defend myself, and so the anger and resentment flows around in a vicious cycle, and we become the boogeymen for everything that is wrong with the game. See someone swearing in chat? That must be an F2Per. A noob causes a group to lose in a Warzone? Must have been an F2Per. They don't know how to play, they're teenagers who have no self control, they're killing the game because they're trash. Those are actual sentiments expressed on the board. There are a handful of people who speak up for F2P, but the overwhelming sentiment seems to be if you're not paying $15 a month, you're scum.
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