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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Problems with the game didn't hurt the game? It was the forum?

Try again. EA didn't gut Bioware because the devs got butthurt when players called them out on lies/broken promises/broken content on the forums. The forums could have been a single endless flamewar thread and it wouldn't have affected anything from EA's perspective as long as the cash was flowing in steadily.

I've been playing for a year. I'm invested. I love Star Wars. I enjoy the game's storylines and generally have fun on the road to level 50 and some of the end game content. I still sub and plan to continue until I finish the last three class stories. I'm not hard on the game because I hate it.

However, I can see that Bioware made numerous noob MMO mistakes from the beginning and have only just managed to staunch the outflow of subs. F2P will keep it on life support for now, population-wise, but the Cartel Market has changed the entire focus to microtransactions. EA no longer gives two shits about sub numbers - they are irrelevant when something like the recent Life Day "Event" Pack (worthless, reskinned garbage) costs $20 per character ($5 more than a month's sub for an account with 12 characters per server).

Bioware was overambitious with a completely VA MMO that ensured content updates would require insane cost/time investment. Then they screwed up numerous technical issues, many stemming from relying on a crap game engine they licensed instead of coming up with their own in-house and not anticipating certain realities of MMO gaming as compared to the single-player RPGs they had built their rep on. Before they could effectively correct any of the major errors, EA beancounters panicked and EA followed standard procedure when the latest product of a successful game company they had bought and micromanaged into the ground didn't "perform as expected": they gutted the development staff, making it effectively impossible for the survivors to fix the problems in a timely fashion, let alone add content that wasn't already in development when the game was released. The switch to F2P and microtransactions is EA milking the game for as much revenue as they can before it all implodes.
Your post proves my point.

You've obviously been drinking from the well.
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