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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

Two bad that Deb couldn't have also put a cap in Quinn's useless head so we could be rid of the two most annoying/pointless characters all in one episode. I definitely won't be missing LaGuerta. But both Dexter and especially Deb have crossed the lin. As annoying, manipulative and bitchy LaGuerta was she wasn't really evil, doesn't really fit the code. I don't see a good ending for Dexter or Deb. The show will probably end with Dexter either on the run, in prison or dead. It's possible that Deb may suicide over this. Or maybe not and she and Dexter go around killing people next season.

I'm guessing that Hannah will show up and cause trouble for Dexter and Deb for a few epsodes next season.
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