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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

O'Brien <com>: A little to the left, sir.
Sisko: Wait - my left or your left?
O'Brien: Sir?
Sisko: My left or your left?
Kira: Chief, haven't you fixed the transporter molecular imaging scanner yet?
O'Brien: Working on it, Major. In the meantime stand perfectly still if you don't want to become Siamese twins with Captain Sisko.
Kira: What planet is that?
Sisko: Whose left?
Worf: It is no planet! He is referring to the conjoining of identical twins, Major.
Dax: Sounds like a good way to get a favorable performance review.
Kira: Why, Dax?
Dax: Simple; if you don't like your results, threaten to resign your commission. According to the Federation Charter, it would be considered illegal conscription to be forced into Starfleet activities. You could go wherever you wanted and the Captain would be forced, by mandate of the charter, to protect your right with his life.
Sisko: Here? My left or your left, Chief!
Worf: You do not know the Chief's orientation! If you were any other man....
Kira: I bet he would ask me to shave his head.
O'Brien: Just - don't move, sir. Standby for transport.
Sisko: Chief, don't rematerialize my head stubble.
O'Brien: I never do, sir.
Odo: I miss Gul Dukat.

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