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Re: ENTER: TV/Media Avatar Contest: Bad (and Good) Santas

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OK, I'm confused. Santa isn't real (sorry kids). So how can any character dressed up like Santa be disqualified for being the real Santa?

Curious, how someone choosing the Santa from "Miracle on 34th Street" could argue there was no Santa.
Well, just because the Post Office workers forwarded letters addressed to Santa to the courthouse to get them out of their hair, doesn't mean that "Santa" was the "real" Santa. Nor was the fact that the "Santa" sent Susan, Mom and the "Daddy" past the house she saw in a real estate ad, also doesn't prove he's Santa.
That's why I like the remake better (well, that, and Richard Attenborough being my favorite Santa ever). It's still only hinted that he really is Santa, but on a legal note, it was a sure thing. Also, way better legal twist at the end.
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