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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

I'll sleep easier because the Pats came up short, but I would have preferred they had been held to the 3 points they had when the score was 31-3. One of the more entertaining NFL games I've seen, thanks to that stupifying second half comeback. What kind of team will New England be once Tom Brady has to retire? I may hate New England but I can't deny that, win or lose, he's consistently been one of the greatest QB's the NFL has ever seen!

I can't believe it, but I actually found myself pulling for Dallas for the first time EVER. Normally, I'd have just wished for both the Cowboys and Steelers to fall into a black hole and disappear forever, but I had a strategy in mind when cheering Romo and the gang to victory: A Dallas victory brings Pittsburgh one step closer to elimination from the postseason, and I can now wait for Seattle and/or Washington to finish off the Cowboys.

The Texans have to be as happy as pigs in shit to see New England go down. This now gives them a firmer grasp on homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Even the Broncos have now obtained the chance for a first round bye, as long as they win out (which they should).

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