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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Have you picked your advanced class Holdy? I assume if you like flinging lightning you'll choose sorcerer. In terms of simplicity, Sorcerer+Khem is the best solo combo in the game. You can basically "tank and spank" your way through the whole game with a lightning/heal hybrid. Questing takes a bit longer than other classes, but it's pretty fool-proof. You'll get other tank companions later, but you can just stick with Khem. He's easily the best tank companion in the game because of his skill set--and so much better then Qyzen which shows the whole "mirror balance" thing was thrown out the window with companions. The biggest discrepancy is probably with Elara and Mako. Mako is way more popular, but parsing has proven Elara puts out much better healing numbers. Anyway, I digress...

If you want something different, Assassins and the famed "Tankassin" is all-around the best solo class in the game. (Technically Shadows are a bit better simply because they get their healer companion so much sooner than Assassins, but that's a minor point.) Their utility makes questing a breeze, especially on the last planets, once you learn how to use it, but there's a lot more to learn. If this is your first MMORPG, I would probably just stick with a Sorc.

As far as questing, the object is basically just focus down one enemy (or mob) at a time and keep Khem healed. Essentially, what you want to do is pick a target and send Khem in first. His default attack bind is Cntrl+1. Then you just spam your lightning on the same guy until he's dead. Then move on to the next one in the pack. If Khem starts taking a lot of damage, heal him. As I said, this process is really, really slow, but it's extremely simple. To speed things up some, remember to always apply your DoTs (damage over time) in between lightning spams. Sorcs get two and the damage can really add up.

Sorcs also get an extremely powerful bubble around 16 or so. Keep this on both you and Khem at all times. In the MMO lexicon this is called "keep it on CD (cool down)," which obviously just means that you should cast it every time the cool down expires. Obviously, the exception here it can't be applied twice. So don't waste it if you both have it.

Now is a good time to mention your cool downs (and this goes for everyone else), you can change the appearance of the cool down timers. By default both the long cool down and the global cool down are the same. I like to make my long CDs dark (option 3) and leave the GCD the default highlight. Also, turn the timer on. I believe the CDs are in the UI part of the main preferences about half way down. I can't remember though. Unfortunately, this isn't a global setting so you have to change for all characters.

As Rev said, you'll find grouping a lot simpler and faster if you can heal. The nice thing about a hybrid build is with just 21 point in the healing tree (or even just 11), you can still heal 95% of the leveling content at least up to Belsavis--or level 45ish. It's more than enough to keep Khem healed even at level 50, and the extra points in the damage trees will make things go so much faster.

More more thing... As you progress further into the game and the packs start to become stronger, you'll want to use Whirlwind more and more. It's your main crowd control (CC) skill. There are two types: stun, which simply stuns a target for a short amount of time and mesmerize, which stuns a target for a long time (gets up to over a minute) but will break on any and all damage. It essentially takes a guy out of combat so you can focus on the guy next to him. One important note about this is eventually Khem will get his area taunt. It does damage, so you'll want to always remember to turn it off. It's also important to note it doesn't stay off the toggle turns it self back on if you change areas, instances or unsummon him. I've been burned by this myself several times.

And once you start grouping, and some says "CC" they mean Whirlwind and not your stun. (Shock, I think.) You should also get into the habit of marking your CC. If you right click on a target's portrait there will be an pull-down menu for markers. I use the lightning bolt when I'm on my sorc as it's kind of self-explanatory. When you first join the group just say something like "I'll mark CC," and people will get it. One thing though, if the tank wants to mark all CC, follow his/her lead. The good ones (and sometimes the bad ones) will always insist on it. Let them. When I'm taking, nothing grabs my goat more than when CCers don't follow my lead and then blame me for breaking.

As far as the running thing, the right-click thing is just a muscle memory issue. It's a standard for every MMO. And I have no doubt it will feel like old-hat within a week. In fact, I suggest you do what I do and use both mouse buttons! If you hold both mouse buttons you'll run forward. Most people find this to be awkward at first, but learning now will be beneficial later on. You can take it one step further and remove backwards from the keyboard. You don't need it. Ever. The only two movement buttons I have bound are L/R strafe. With those two buttons and the mouse, I can make any and every movement I would ever need. But I know a lot of people have to have all four directions for comfort's sake. So it is up to you; I'm just throwing it out there.

But since you are binding more, the first thing I would do is draw an imaginary line from 6 down through Y and H to N. Everything to the left of that is a potential, easy to reach bind. Add a cntrl modifier every menu/misc bind in that area. So your character sheet becomes cntrl+C for example, crew Skills cntrl+N, etc. I would also move WASD to EDSF to better center your hand. Interestingly enough, if you do this and add your mouse 3, mouse 4 and 5 buttons and throw J in for good measure, you'll have exactly 24 buttons to match your measly 2 bar's worth of skills.

One that's thing I'm going to throw out there is to change your target select. Every person I've suggested this to and have given it a fair shake has fallen in love with it. I've got every one in my guild doing it. That is, in stead of TAB use your mouse wheel to target select. It works best if your wheel has a ratchet, but even if it doesn't, with practice you can get it to work.

I just use next target (scroll up) and closest target (scroll down). I find previous target to be a bit redundant and not really necessary. Then just throw in a shift modifier for friendlies.
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